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Good idea?

So I already posted before because I had tried to do a dry run with my first cup and removal had been a little difficult due to a combination of the learning curve and my wonderful hymen, thanks for the tips by the way. I’m going to wait until my period for my next try which isn’t all that far of or unpredictable thanks to the contraceptive pills I take (I need them for more than just the birth control, my hormones went crazy after some cysts appeared on my ovaries. Their gone now but my hormones were still a little crazy XP).

From experience in damaging my hymen before, I do a lot of sport, I tend to damage first and feel soreness until later; I’ve been thinking that it might be a good idea to put on a pad and wait for a while after I remove my cup so as to make sure I’m not sore and not continue to put stress on my vagina. Sounds like a good plan?

I’m going to be stretching myself a little before my period comes in hopes that I can avoid the soreness and use the cup throughout my period (yes, I read the virgin’s guide to cups and got the idea from there ^.^ even though I don’t really have a problem with inserting one or two fingers into my vagina). Maybe this can be a little ritual for the first few months? Stretch before the period, and a small rest to make sure there is no soreness after removal, and each month I can decrease on the ritual until I feel more comfortable and sure of myself and don’t need it anymore (if it works at all to begin with ;p)
Tags: first time use, virginity
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