bleakrose (bleakrose) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi, I have a question about the Mooncup US. My question is about sterilizing/sanitizing it. The instructions that came with it said not to boil it, but Iv'e heard about other people boiling different kinds of cups. Can I boil it? And if I can't then are there any other ways of sterilizing the cup? Iv'e only tried the cup once and I'm waiting to try it again, but I had a bad experience the first time, if you have any tips on insertion/removal/cleaning I would like to hear them. One more thing I know this is a kind of stupid question but how am I supposed to find my hymen? It's kind of embarrassing but I really don't know how to find it. Thank you in advance.
Tags: cleaning - boiling, keeper moon cup
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