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Ok my problem is that today i put my cup in and i notice that i have my period cause i can feel it coming down. Now after 2 hours i start leaking a little bit i tought it was because it was full cause i have heavy period the first 3 days. When i took the cup out wasent even half full so my question is could it be that i put it wrong or cause it dint open. I knOw that is around my cervix cause i can feel it that is in right position. I love my cup but could it be better to try another cup or give it another chance maybe finish this period and wait for the other one to see if is me or the cup.

Second time i put the cup inside i found a better way to make sure it open right i seat in the toilet put the cup in and theb stand a little bit i push it in and tada it open i feel the pop inside me.

I will see if this method work better and dosent leak i use a linen for bachup to make sure i dont ruin my underwear lol.

Thanks anticipating.

One more thing i forgot to mension i love having my menstrual now that i found a better way. :) :) im so happy.

Thanks for everyone that have been helping me with my questions.

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