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My success story with my Lunette selene

Hello everyone. I'm new to this community, actually new to Live Journal in general. I normally don't post on stuff like this, but I felt like there wasn't enough success stories on here, and if I can help one person with my experience with cups, then it will be worth it.

I am a 17 year old virgin with light to moderate flow and one heavier day mixed in. I mainly used pads and rarely tampons because I could always feel them and it was so uncomfortable, almost painful, whenever I sat down. But I tolerated it because I thought that those were the only options that I had, then I seen someone talking about menstrual cups online. My first thought was probably the same as most people's, but after finding out more about them, the more I started to like the idea. So after looking at some of the different brands, I decided to buy a small Lunette, I know a lot of people said that their first cup seemed big when they first got it, but it was smaller then I thought it was going to be. I went right into the bathroom to try a dry run, but it wouldn't go in, so I went online and bought some lubricant, Sliquid H2O in their natural lubricant section. Just putting a little bit on the tip of the cup and maybe some 'down there' and it went right in. Then after being able to get it in, I realized that it wasnt opening up after I let go of it. When i pinched the bottom I felt something firm inside of the cup, at first I thought it was my cervix, but when I did get it open I didn't feel anything in the cup anymore, so I have to spend a little extra time trying to get it to open. My period started shortly after that, so I put my cup in and a pad in case of leaks, but I really didn't need it, there where a few spots at first but not much. Now I'm not even half way through my first cycle with my Lunette and I love it, I can forget about it and just go on with my day without having to worry about if I have enough pads to get through the day or if my tampon was leaking. Removing it is still a little tricky, but getting better. I am thinking about trying a small Fleurcup because it a stiffer cup and it will open up easier but still hold as much as my Lunette.

Well, that's all I have to say for now, and if anyone has a Fleurcup could you let me know if you like it or not.
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