elizaab (elizaab) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal suggestions?

Hi, I'm new. After looking around for a bit I decided to try a menstrual cup and chose the keeper moon cup style B, I finally got it and decided to have a dry run with it to get an idea and hopefully figure out the best way to insert it and so on before I get my period. It's perfect, I love it; I'll have to wait until my period to make sure I don't get leaks and that the size is 100% right, but so far it seems perfect.

My problem.... Removal. At first it seemed fine, a little slow, but it was the first time; as soon as I had it about half way out though it started to hurt, my guess is that my hymen got in the way since I'm still a virgin, I did bleed a little after (just a few little drops, I might not have noticed them). Honestly it scared me a bit, but I'm still willing to keep trying I just want to see if someone has any suggestions to help me while my body gets used to that little stretch at the end of removal.
Tags: removal, removal - painful or problems, virginity
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