yamelis87 (yamelis87) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi everyone, i have small question i hope someone can help me ok first of all today is my first day using my divacup with my periods i wish i can tell everyone how cool is to have my menstrual with my cup i love it. I mean there is no string just a sterm that dosent even bother. No tampon or pad that smell bad in my bathroom. I just love this i wich i knew abouth this more sooner cause i have always hate tampons and pads. Well im a happy cup owner now for my question. Is there a special wipe that i can use when taking my cup in a public bathroom that dosent have the sink next to the toilet. Can i use regular baby wipes fragance free and then clean the cup with soap and water when i get home. Cause today i have the small problem when shopping just pass paper tower and that dint even clean my cup as i will liked to be clean and suggestion. Is wipes are ok that will be perfect cause i always carring wipe in my bag.

If anyone havrnt try the cup or order one please dont eait to long and buy one you will love it just as a lot of us do. I mean save money and no tampon or pads in our enviroment.

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