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What should I do?

About a month ago after my last period I asked my mom if I could get the ladycup (small) cause I'm not old enough to order online. She didn't know what they were so she told me she would look them up the next day and get back to me. A few days later she asked me if I knew what they (actually were, you needed to reach in there, what color) and stuff and she said she would get one for me. It has been a month and nothing has come in the mail! I read some posts about people who get theirs in a week! I don't know when she ordered it, I can't track it and I REALLY WANT IT! I started my period today (and since I am like the MOST SHY PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET, I can't just ask  my mom about it. I could barely ask her to buy me one, and even that took about a month for me to get enough courage to do. And so I am so shy, I buy my own tampons/pads.) and I am running super low but I thought I would be okay because my cup would be here on time but it has taken forever it seems like! And I can't drive so I have to go shopping with one of my friends and her family if I want to get tampons/pads just because I am so shy about that but should I buy more or depend on my cup to get here??? I looked on my history on my computer but someone deleted almost all of it before there was trace of someone looking up menstrual cups & ladycups and stuff (obviously my mom) but it is all gone so I can't see if she has ordered it yet! I dont want to waste my money on tampons if I am only going to use them for one more period and I don't know what to do! Talking to my mom about it is prefferably not an option...  How long did it take your cups to ship? (probably with the cheapest shipping available, she doesn't like spending money) I live in the US if that affects anything... Thanks and I'm a new user so please cut me some slack. also if you could help with some other questions I have:

1. Are there any techniques or folds you wish you would've tried the first time now that you have had practice?

2. What do you do in the public bathroom stall?

3. How long can you go on your heaviest days with the small ladycup? 

4. Could I be able to go all school day? (7 hours??)


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