yamelis87 (yamelis87) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I need help breaking the suction

Hi everyone i need some help when taking out my divacup. Well first of all a little bit about me im 23 years old have a child and using divacup model 2 . Havent got my period but im having some cramps and that usually mean that i will wet it pretty soon ok this is my problem i put my cup today for 6 hours everything is good confortable the sterm bother me a little bit but for now i wont cut it yet. The cup fit perfectly just waiting for my period to make sure it dosent leak and to see if i found my cervix or not lol ok when i remove it today i press the botton of the cup the suction dint break so i start pulling the cup down to get out and then when it was almost outside then the suction break is there a easy way to break the suction that dosent hurt me evrytime i try to get it out. Thanks cor the help. In love with my divacup :)

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