mooreacy (mooreacy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Curiousity about size would like some real womens opinions

So I've never been pregnant before but I had a curious question on the subject of diva cups being used by women who miscarried or had an abortion. I thought about it because I have a friend who miscarriaged at 6 weeks out of curiousity I went to look what size cup she could use, (been suggesting to her to try one) and it said ask your doctor, well I know for a fact some doctors either SWEAR by them one of my grandmas friends had a cup in like the 70s, because she had problems so she saw a specalist who reccomended one but others have no clue what one is, mine looked at me puzzled when I told her about it during my yearly exam. And what about women who get abortions, it doesn't say anything about that at all but I would assume would fall under the terms of miscarriage, as many women who miscarriage go through similar medical intervention so they don't get infection, does it make a difference if its a natural miscarriage or a D and C as to what size to be used?
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