A. Han (jmommy123) wrote in menstrual_cups,
A. Han

Period Question, and I guess continuous use question?

I have PCOS and I hadn't had my period in quite a while. I took Provera at the advice of my doctor to get things started. I was supposed to start taking Junel (generic for Loestrin hormonal bc) on the first day of my period. Well it ended up just being spotting and then nothing.

I called the dr and she said it's ok to keep taking the Junel. After a few days I started spotting again, just enough to use my menstrual cup. Now my "period" (if you can call it that) has been alternating from light to heavy for about 12 days. Is this normal?? My normal period is nothing like this and has never lasted this long. Has anyone else had an experience like this? I'm worried it may not be normal but I don't want to call the dr if this is normal and bother her with a stupid question.

I tried posting this in another community but no one responded so I thought I'd try here. Also, since I've been using the cup for the entire time, is there any extra cleaning I should be doing beyond the normal?
Tags: continuous use

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