angiegurll (angiegurll) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Best capacity for a low cervix?

My cervix is very low on my period it's not even an inch in. Im not on my period, and i just put in my small fleurcup, and it stuck out. I also have a small lunette selene and a small yuuki. I just don't like my lunette, i just think its shape is kinda awkward, but thats just me. I like my yuuki, it's my favorite so far and my fleurcup is ok but im not too crazy about it's texture, but it is a really great cup imo. I also have a small lady cup and i love it, i never find it hard to remove, i love the texture, how comfy it is, and it lasts me all day leaks horribly at night, all my cups leak at night.
I never thought i had a heavy period, i used to use a regular tampon on the first and last day and the few days in between a super tampon would leak only slightly after 8 hours. But since my cervix is low is takes up space in my cups. So im conflicted on which cup i should try for a higher capacity. Either a large fleurcup, a large miacup, the new large meluna, or a large ladycup. Im aware the large ladycup holds about as much as my fleurcup but it's longer so it should hold more? I prefer softer cups. I'm worried about length and capacity basically.
Tags: cervix position, fleurcup, lady cup, leakage & spotting, lunette, miacup, sleeping, yuuki

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