yamelis87 (yamelis87) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new here and new to cups.

Hi new here havent try any cup yet, but right now 8/17/11 1:49pm im waiting for my cup to arrive im so exited can wait to try it out. Im 23 years old have a child and sexualy active i order a diva cup model#2.

Since im new here i was wondering if this cup is good for me or not. During my period my cervix ir really hight and with no period is still high i choose the diva cup because i think is the more longer did i choose right or not.

one more quetion is wich is the best method to clean the cup that way it will last longer. i have been reading the cleaning post but there are so many method want to know wich one is the best.
Tags: cleaning, divacup

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