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Complete newbie - to Mooncups and this forum!! A few questions ...

 Hi, title says it all really.  I used a Mooncup for the first time yesterday after thinking about doing it for ages!  I got so fed up of shelling out all my money on Tampax and I was having to change every 2 hours sometimes (I take Warfarin so my periods can be heavy as I tend to bleed a lot).  I was having to wear big nighttime pads when I went to bed and would often leak even with them on too.

Everything has been going OK and I was really pleased to find I didn't leak at all last night; this doesn't normally happen so it was very welcome to find everything fine this morning.  It was a bit grim emptying it but as I've had 2 children and am used to nappies/general ickiness it was no problem and I actually feel more in tune with my body by seeing what's going on.  I seem to get a little leakage after each change but think maybe it's the blood that has been accumulating whilst I've been faffing around washing my Mooncup and reapplying etc.  Does anyone else get a bit of leakage too or am I doing something wrong?

This afternoon had a blip though - I was out for a walk with my daughter and I became aware that I could feel the right side of the Mooncup and I just didn't feel quite comfortable.  She wanted to run but I had a really heavy feeling below.  Got home, checked, and was disappointed to see that after only just 2 hours I had leaked and the blood was fresh.  It was more than I get when I have just changed (in paragraph above).  I'm still at the stage of wearing pant liners and am glad I was on this occasion.  Any ideas why this could be?  The only thing I can think I did different is that I didn't do a couple of kegels after I inserted it.  I run my finger around the base of my Mooncup when it's in - is there anything else I should be doing?

Oh, last thing, I suffer from constipation and don't feel comfy when um, how can I say it, emptying my bowels.  I seem unable to bear down.  Does anyone else suffer from this problem and, if so, do you just remove your cup when necessary?

It's really early days and I'm really glad I took the plunge and bought myself one.  I think once I'm over these early teething problems I'm going to have a long and happy relationship with my Mooncup!!!!  

Many thanks!!!!
Tags: first time use

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