wambnic (wambnic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

 I've been researching cups for a few weeks now and I still feel like I could use some help. I think I have it narrowed down between the MeLuna classic and the Lunette but some feedback would be great if ya'll can offer it.

I'm 23, two vaginal births and no chance of being pregnant again. My period is incredibly heavy for the first 3 or 4 days, most of the time I can bleed through a tampon and pad within 30-45 minutes and I always have a change of clothes on hand. I'm on Lysteda now to help curb the bleeding, it helps a little. The cramps are also pretty bad and I have to take strong pain killers to help, I can no longer use tampons because they magnify the cramps. I tried Instead Cups, the original size wouldn't even stay in place for a minute. As soon as I stood up I could feel the rim poking out. I've tried to new smaller size and it will stay in place for 30 minutes or so before I feel it poke out too. My cervix during  my period is fairly low, a middle fingers worth of length or lower on some days which is about 3 inches for me. 

Basically my needs are a shorter cup, something that can hold a lot and not leak. I'm not sure about stiffness...I've read that stiffer cups leak less but will stiffness affect cramps? This is a last resort for me, if I can't find something comfortable and leak free I will be scheduling a partial hysterectomy. My doctor and insurance have already agreed to it due to the circumstances and with my new profession (law enforcement) I really need something reliable. I don't want to go under the knife so a cup would be wonderful.

Thank you for the help everyone, I really appreciate it.

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