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First timer - Very slippery to grab

I am totally new on this site, and I am a new user of menstrual cups. It all started as I am training for a race and read somewhere that a runner suggested to use a menstrual cup for a long race instead of worrying about using pads (and then get chafing) or tampons. So I started my research and found you!

I tried to get a Lunette but apparently there are restrictions to import that product to Canada, so the only cup I could find here was the Dive Cup. So I got #1.

First I read all the instructions carefully and was unsure if I had to boil the cup before first use. Then I read here that many of you don't boil it and just use soap and water. So I did get the Diva Wash and gave it a good wash. I decided to try it at night (last night) on my second day of my period. WOW! It was painful! I had to try few times and finally was able to get it in! Once in it was a bit hard to place a finger and go around to check if it was positioned properly, but it felt good. I slept with it and was almost like not having a period!  :)  But I kept thinking about it all night (I guess it happens to all new users first night).

I woke up and before when using tampons I had to RUN to the washroom as I'd start leaking after standing up. This time I didn't have that feeling, so I was quite impressed with my cup!

Now the scary part for me: the removal!  I tried to relax, bare down as you guys said...I could feel the stem of the cup but was unable to grab it as it was so slippery! Finally got the stem at the opening of my vagina but was unable to insert my fingers to pinch the cup to stop the suction. The only thing I could grab was the stem. I started to panic a bit as it was not coming out at all and when I tried to move it or pull it out it just went back in.

I took deep breaths (I was sweating at that point), bare down again, and when I had the stem at the opening again I tried but it was still very slippery. I washed my hands several times in the process. I really tried to pinch the cup as you guys said but was unsuccessful :(  Finally decided to grab some toilet paper and see if I grabbed the stem with it was less slippery, and it was, so started to move the cup slightly to each side, and when I felt I had a good grab of it I just pulled! (I was scared of trying for so long and just wanted it out). So it was a bit messy.

I really cant imagine going through this odyssey in any other place than my own bathroom at home. I don;t know how you guys do it in public washrooms.  :( 

I cleaned it and then I was nervous to put it back in and experience such a hard time taking it out again....but I thought I had to give it a try, so I put it back in (which is still kind of hard and painful! just my second time to insert it).

I was missing the string that tampons have as you just pull them out easily. I can't imagine getting the cup out if I dare to cut the stem. I wont for sure as it was the only thing I could grab. I have to admit it was a scary situation for me.   I have seen videos on youtube about techniques to get it out, but how can I do it if I cant get my fingers in there when the cup is in? And it is REALLY SLIPPERY when I try to grab it (cup and stem).

ANy suggestions so my experience is less scary? When I was not able to take it out I just thought for a moment that that would be the end of my experience with cups....but I refuse to give up that easily.

Is it normal to feel something when the cup is in? it is not pain, but something just feels different when it is in.
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