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Searching for another cup.

I've been using my Keeper Moon Cup for almost two years. I mainly want more capacity. I also don't like their business practices.  My question right now is just.. has anyone hear of that brand in the link? Is it a type of Ladycup? I don't think it is..? (I am not interested in purchasing it because of the capacity, just curious).

Thank you!!


So in case similar things have been posted (I believe they have), I'm just editing this. I was reading about leakage, and the "morning flood". Now, I'm not quite sure I want the Divacup. I think it would be too narrow for me, and even though I'm below the demographic, I think I want a larger cup. I've been looking at the size charts, and the softness chart (thank you guys for these resources). I'm interested in the Meluna  large , Yuuki and Ladycup more than anything. I want a bigger, softer cup. Recommendations are fine.
Also, is there a way to purchase the Fluercup in English? the checkout page becomes French.

I am 17 years old, not a virgin, and i can fit two fingers around my small keeper with ease, so I believe a large cup would work fine.

I just want to know from anyone out of the demographic (or just knowledgeable) how do you like your cups (and which do you have/use?)

Yuuki versus Ladycup? Which do you prefer, and why? What are the big differences? (I think I'm torn between a single Ladycup or a twopack Yuuki that would include both sizes... or an extra large Meluna?)

I ended up purchasing an XL soft Meluna. I figured.. you can make it firmer with cold water, and smaller inside out, but you can't make it softer or larger. I'll review it next month or so. :) Thanks for your help!


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