lakoleful (lakoleful) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which Menstrual Cup do you guys suggest?

 I am 23 years old. My period is usually two to three days long. I tried the diva cup. I was able to insert the cup into my vagina. As I had entered it in, the cup stopped (maybe thats where my vagina stopped) and almost the whole cup was showing. I got the whole rim in. It was so painful. I have not had sexual intercourse in more than 2 years. I am able to stick one finger in my vagina. Removing the cup was painful too. I got the model 1 dvia cup (that cup is still too big. I been browsing around and someone suggest that I try the lunette cup since its the smallest cup. What is your take on this based on your menstrual cup experience?
Tags: buying decisions, insertion - painful or problems
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