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Some Advice: Diva Cup vs. Lunette

Hello All,

I want to say this is a great forum and love all the information I've found.

I am hoping to get a little advice. I am in the market for my first menstrual cup and am trying to decide between two brands: the Divacup and a Lunette cup.

I am 23, sexually active, have never been pregnant nor vaginally delivered a baby, have an IUD with untrimmed strings, a moderate-heavy flow (I have 3-4 heavy days in which I go through a super tampon in about 2-3 hours), my cervix sits high (3 inches) when I am not on my period, not sure how high it sits when I am menstruating. Sorry if thats a little TMI, I want to be thorough.

So which model should I choose? From my understanding if I go with a Divacup, I should go with the smaller size. Are Lunettes better?

Price is not an issue. Thanks in advance for your help.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, first time use
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