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Help! :/

 Okay, I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong place, because this really confuses me . . . I found this place, and I wanted to ask some questions.  I heard things like tags and stuff, but I have no idea what this all means . . . I know I sound like a dope lol, but I'm 14, how much worse can it get? :P

Anyways, I heard of the menstrual cup on yahoo answers and of course it seemed weird.  I'd never heard of them in my life, and the size chart they had posted made the things look huge.  Well I stayed up till 3 am that day, looking them up, seeing different views on brands, and I decided I wanted one.  I went down and asked my mom, and she looked at me like I was nuts lol.  She had no idea what the heck a menstrual cup was, but when I showed her the videos and some of the entries here, and she wanted one too.  So after we use up our pads that we bought in bulk at costco, we're going to order our own.  Now this is well and good, but I have some issues. 

My mom isn't a virgin, (duh . . . I'm here xD) and she uses tampons on a regular basis, so this shouldn't be hard for her to do, but I was wondering

- Would the fact that I'm so young and I'm a virgin have anything to do with how well this will work?
- Will my hymen being there cause any pain?
- Is the fact that I don't, never have, (and never will for that matter) wear tampons make a difference?
- I have a light-medium flow, and I started about two years ago.  What would be the best cup for me? 

If you need to know, I'm 5'10 and 167lbs, but I'm on weight watchers, so I'm going to be losing weight.  Will my weight loss affect the cup I should pick out?  If you could do me a favor and list the pros and cons of these brands, that would be great ::

- LadyCup
- Lunette 
- Diva Cup
- Moon Cup

Thank you :)  Also, we were wondering what my mother should get?  

- 5'8 
-252lbs but also on weight watchers so she'll be losing. . . will that affect it?
- 37 and had been pregnant once
- Heavy Flow

Thanks :)  Sorry to bother you guys, it's just that we don't have a lot of money in this family, so we want to get it right the first time, so we thought even though we read up on a lot of stuff here, it would be nice to hear information tailored JUST for us so that we have a more accurate choice.

I was thinking LadyCup and she was thinking a Lunette for herself.  Are those good choices?  Is there a better choice you think would fit each of us better?  If so, why?

I'm so sorry for all of the questions, but when I'm putting something up there for the first time, I wanna get it right lol :P
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