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Meluna Soft, Size L- email from Meluna

I wrote Meluna an email inquiring about when they will get more colors in for the soft, size L. I got this response:

"Dear A,

We wish you a nice day.

You need a size L? We recommend CLASSIC. In soft folds the size L not so good.

Please buy a L in classic. You get additional without charge a L, soft with small defects. Buy one - get two :-)!

We produce L, soft, pink, next week..."

Why would they carry the soft, size L if they discourage their purchase by an interested customer? Have a lot of customers had issues with this style? I really wanted to try a soft cup and need the size L for length. I currently have a Yuuki small but wanted to try a longer, high-capacity soft cup for yoga, exercise, etc because I assume it will move with me during these activities (and be less likely to leak).

Meluna Size L users: Should I go ahead and order anyway? I would hate to order against their recommendation and then regret it.
Tags: customer service, meluna - soft
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