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Cups + IUDs

Hey, all!

New user here; two cycles with a diva. Just a quick question. I'm writing this from a cell phone so I apologize for any odd auto correcting or formatting mistakes (first world problems). Anyway, regarding cup use and IUDs (specifically, I have a paragard)...

I've really been wondering. For anyone who attributes his or her IUD expulsion to cups or cup-related string yanking, did you feel it when you pulled your strings with the cup? Did you have expulsion symptoms afterward? I found out about cups from iud_divas reading a post about an expulsion (string yanking) and I was really afraid to try one until much later when I ended up doing more research and discovered many happy iud/cup users right here on lj! My diva cup sits so low in my vagina and my cervix is really high (I usually can't even reach it), so I almost can't imagine pinching my strings into my cup. Now I'm just afraid I'll pull it and not notice until I wind up pregnant or otherwise maiming my partner. Do you think I would know if I caught my strings? Sorry if this has been covered a lot; my cell won't let me browse through the tags (more first world problems). Any advice would help! And thank you all very much. :)

My phone also seems to want to prevent me from tagging this, so it would be really helpful to me if someone could fix it for me!
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