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First time buyer and comparing brands

Hi, I'm 24 sexually active and rather comfortable with my body (I used to thought emptying your own blood is kinda gross, but I think I've outgrowned that phase now ;)), never been pregnant, and I'm seriously considering switching from tampons to cups. I would describe my flow as light to medium on the 2 heaviest days. I only ever use regular tampons and panty liners, and the tampons take from minimum 4-5 hours to (more often) 8 hours to fill up.  Sometimes they're not even full, so it feels like a waste really. especially when you know how crazy expensive those Tampax with applicator i use are... at least where I live. Also my flow is lighter than in my teens, because I'm on the pill, so basically it's a fake, hormonally-induced period.  As a student, money matters and I'd like my first buy to be as close a fit as possible. This is why I need your expertise to make up my mind. And I already want to thank you for everything I've already read here, great community.

Because of the appealing price, small size and flashy colors, my first interest was the small soft MeLuna. The "new" soft model especially seemed very comfortable, and like most women I guess, I didn't want to put anything uneccessarily thick or stiff in my vagina, no pun intended there... hum. I just like it to be as unoticeable as possible, also I'd rather wear it fully inside my body.  But then, I read some people commenting about how they had a hard time finding their small MeLuna "up there", and how ridiculously small they were for a grown woman to use... That is when I read here about measuring the length of your vagina, so I did. Basically, I had to put my whole middle finger in, and all I was able to feel was a round bump on the top wall of it, which could pass as the "tip of my nose" shape thingy, but I was unable to tell if the opening of my cervix was further than that... So that would be 8 to 9 cm in.... quite long then ?

So I asked the "Menstrualcupinfo" lady about the stem on MeLunas making it easier to pull them out, but I'm still unsure about them... What is your opinion, from experience ? I'm still interested because of the price and it seems like a great brand, but I don't know which would suit me best...

So I also consulted the sizechart, and another chart here : http://menstrualcupinfo.wordpress.com/cup-stiffness-comparison-chart/, which was very helpful regarding stiffnes... So I came up with another potential target, a small Ladycup, which would be slightly longer than the MeLuna, about the same width, but also quite squishy, and still affordable from what I gathered... what do you think about it ? Also it looks very shiny and slippery... and the wholes are kinda weird... Is it comfortable to put in and out ? I was also told about the Miacup, but it seems much stiffer, and also I don't feel so good about ordering something from the other side of the world... I don't know, i just don't feel it I guess.

Sorry for this long post, and thank you very much for any help or testimonials !! Grrreat site by the way.
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