mwoolfenden (mwoolfenden) wrote in menstrual_cups,

sex with a cup?

so i didn't think it was possible to do this, but i had sex with my cup in. woke my husband up this morning, a wink and a nudge later, im cleaning up and realize that my cup was in all night! i asked him if he noticed anything, cause i sure didnt, and in true man fashion he says "huh? what i don't know! im still asleep!" i was using my small meluna, and except for being a little dryer than normal i didnt notice anything. my cup was still in place right where it should have been, not dislodged or anything, it was the the end of my period so the cup was mostly empty. anyone else ever had this happen? is there any negative effects to my cervix?
Tags: health risks, meluna - soft, sexual activity

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