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Switching from Diva Cup

Hello, everyone! :D I am in the market for a new cup, since my small Diva has yeast infection all over it (this is my bad, since everyone in here recommended I not use it while having a yeast infection, and I didn't listen, and now it's causing trouble, even after boiling it several times :x). I was wondering what recommendations you all could make (and I'll take a look at the comparison chart as well, but I'm looking for some personal testimony too for anyone who has gone from a Diva Cup to another cup). I loved my Diva. It fit just fine, I never had any issues with leaking or removal or any of that. But I think I'm looking for something a little more fun. Maybe something with color or sparkles. :) Other than that, if there is a cup that has a very short stem (or none at all -- I cut mine off my Diva since its length poked out and irritated my girly bits) that would be a plus. Price is also important (my Diva was about $30 I believe, and I would like a cup that is about that price or cheaper). Location is not really an issue for me, since I don't mind buying one online, though, if it helps, I'm located in the United States.

So. Thoughts? Recommendations? :)

ETA I think I kind of like the Shecup, since it's pink, and there's no stem -- just the little nub, which shouldn't be too much of an issue. Any testimony on this particular cup? I haven't set my decision in stone or anything -- I'm still open to suggestions/ideas. :)
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, yeast infections
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