hellodestiny18 (hellodestiny18) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Unsure about "popping?"

I just got a diva cup size 1 a few months ago, used it for 2 cycles. I like it a lot, love the idea and WAY better than leaky tampons. But I'm still confused about a few things that I just can seem to find the answers to. It would be so great if I could get help.

1. Alright "popping" open? Will there be a distinct moment where I know it has "popped?" I can get it in fine, but only once have I gotten it to really be round. It unfolds, but when I feel it, the front side feels flattened down. I try really hard to get it to be round. I was wondering if it could just be that I have a weird shaped vagina?? Are you supposed to get it to open round and then put it further in? The flattening does lead to some leaking... not too much though. I can't really turn it when it's in, it's smashed in there... That's what makes me think something isn't quite right. :( it's frustrating

2. Sometimes it's gives me REALLY bad cramps. I was wondering if these decrease over tine from your body getting used to the cup? Or if maybe I'm wearing it too high and it's pressing on my cervix?

3. I've heard so much about people turning theirs inside out? What is the purpose for doing this and do I want to do it??

Sorry if these have been answered, I just can't seem to find the answer I need, especially number 1
Thank you!!!
Tags: cramps, insertion, inside-out, popping open

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