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new user issues

Hello all! My name is Elle and I'm new to this community. Before I start in with my call for advice, I'd like to thank both this message board and Melissa from Zana Shop for inspiring me to try a menstrual cup. I am a brand new Lunette user, and I was just practicing with my cup for the first time earlier today. I had rather a stressful experience: insertion was fine after a bit of experimenting, but removal was a huge hurdle. My first issue was that I seemed to have put my cup in way too far. There was no way I could pinch the base of the cup! I did the whole "bear down to shift the cup" technique, but each time I would relax and go to pinch the cup, it would slide back up. To make a long story short, on my last attempt I was successful enough as to be able to pinch the cup and begin to remove. Instead of slow going, it gave an almighty *pop* and promptly fell on the floor. I am thankful that this was a practice run and I'm not in the middle of my period. My question is this: how can I more easily ensure a controlled removal? I tried to tilt the cup from side to side during removal, but I couldn't really tell if that was doing anything or not. Another issue I've encountered is that my thumb seems to get stuck in front of my pelvic bone so that I can't reach it in to pinch the cup. Can any experienced users point me in the right direction? I want to love my cup, but I'm tempted to give it up until my next cycle. Thanks for your help!
Tags: removal - painful or problems
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