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Painful Removal

Hi I've been looking at this site for a little while and just recently logged in. Anyway I ordered a small Mooncup US without understanding all the measurements, but when it got here I was really lucky that it seemed to fit perfectly. So I wore it and when I first took it out it went really well. The next time I took it out it hurt a little but I didn't think anything of it, but the third time I tried to remove it it hurt horribly and I couldn't get it out. I read somewhere that the cup usually only suctions when you put it in and take it out so I think that it was the suction, it basically felt like I was pulling my insides out. My mother and sister heard me crying out in pain and my sister looked up how to get it out without hurting eventually I was able to get it out by taking the cup and almost completely folding and twisting it a lot of blood fell out but fortunately it all landed in the toilet. I really want to like the Mooncup but I'm not sure if I can get it out without hurting so much again, it's the biggest thing I've ever stuck up there and I really found it okay when it was in but I'm really scared of it now. I was sore for maybe the whole day after I got it out. I think I was just taking it out wrong (grabbing the stem and pulling) but I'm having trouble with the thought of putting it in again. Please help I really liked it but if I can't get it out without pain I don't think I can use it anymore. If it helps I'm 13 and am a virgin, as far as I can tell my hymn is intact but I don't really know how to tell.

 One thing I didn't mention is that it hurt to push against the side of the cup while it was in most of the way, kind of like I was pushing against myself. Also how do I get it far enough down to use any of the techniques can I just pull the stem a little bit or do I need to do those immediately? Thank you for all the helpful comments.
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