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EnvironMenstruals just got JuJu some samples!

They are beautiful! The whole package is a little bit of luxury. I must say, they give the Miacup a run for its money there, and I can't think of any brand that has packaging that is at once as cute <i>and</i> informative.

I know people are complaining a lot about the pricetag. I don't know how cup prices compare in other countries, but in NZ they range between NZ$38 and about NZ$90, with most sitting around NZ$50-$70.  I'm still waiting on wholesale pricing, but based on their website info, I expect the JuJu will probably be around the $70-80 mark, so will be similar to the Lunette (usually around $65-70), Ladycup ($70ish) and Miacups (around $85), and below the Diva (usually around $80 and $95). The pouch is nicer than the Lunette's (IMO), being fully lined satin (like Mia's).

I will post some pics when my dad gets here with his nice camera.

The cup is very clear (new femmecup clear), and quite squishy. The small feels veeery soft for a small - I'll compare it to some other brands later. The whole cup is very smooth, and other than the grip flowers (which I <3 btw), the printing is indented, not raised. I can see this being a potential issue in the cleaning, but nothing an old toothbrush can't fix. It would be very nice for a sensitive cervix.

The level of attention to detail is excellent (I ♥ the box and pouches so much!), and the instructions are awesome! Great diagrams and good descriptions. I'm going to hazard a guess and say these were probably writen/designed by experienced cup users.

I already was, but now I'm  really really really looking forward to being able to stock these!
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