iyuukio (iyuukio) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cups causing yeast infections...

(Maybe this isn't quite the right place to ask this, but since it's hard to find communities that are open to and knowledgeable about cup use, I figured this is the best place to come.)

I've been using a menstrual cup for over a year now, overall they are the best discovery I've ever made. Only problem is that since I've been using them, yeast infections seem to have become common after my period. Before using cups, I had never had an infection in my life. These infections always seem to start up on the last day of my period.

Since it could help, I'll explain how I clean my cup. Generally at the beginning of my cycle, I just take the cup out of it's bag, rinse it off and use it. When I change it, I always wash my hands first, rinse it and reinsert. At the end of my cycle, I clean it with Diva Cup Wash, always careful to rinse it all away. I usually don't boil my cups, but I do whenever I get these infections, so I shouldn't be reinfecting myself.

So, any idea what might be triggering these infections? Any advice on how to avoid them will be much appreciated.
Tags: cleaning, yeast infections

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