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Weird issue...

 I suppose I'll get right down to it. I've had my cup (a Lunette model 2) for about a month. I was thrilled to death 2 weeks ago when I finally got my period. First day, pefect fit, not a single leak. Removal was less than easy since I have TINY little fingers and an obscenely high cervix (even on my period--always have). I ended up having to empty twice on my first day, and was kind of dreading the coming of my heavy days. I slept with the cup in that first night, emptied it in the morning, no leaks, YAY. I wait about 6 hours, take my cup out to clean, but... no blood. Hm.

So, I figure, I'm hanging around the house that day anyway and I've got a stash of ugly old lady-time panties anyway. I'll just not wear anything (I haaaaate liners, even disposable ones. I just don't like really feeling things touching my body.) So I do that all day. No blood after a full day of bleeding as normal. Well that's weird, isn't it?

Then, fast forward 2 weeks of no bleeding. I wake up yesterday, get out of bed, do my morning stuff, and find more than a little bright red blood on the toilet paper. Oh, yay. My actual period finally decided to show up. Cup goes in, I check on it 8 hours later and there's like... maybe 1mL in there. When I use the restroom again, there's no blood to be seen. I decide to be weird and just sleep sans anything. This morning? No bleeding.

I feel fine. I was even getting slight period cramps at the beginning of the day yesterday. I have no idea what's going on. My body has never done anything like this before. The only change I personally have made is from commercial tampons to the Lunette. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it possible I get SUCH a good seal that it sort of suckers onto my cervix and engorges it to the point where blood can't get through for a while? That sounds stupid, saying it, I guess. I'm just wondering if anyone has had or heard of a similar experience, because I'm out of ideas.
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