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Cleaning and sterilizing the cup....

 Hello all! 

boy am i stalking this whole forum ;) hahaha! if you haven't read my other (very recent...) post, i'm just getting used to cups as it is and i had some questions about cleaning the cup! 

i have a Lunette Cynthia and it doesn't say anywhere on the website that you should boil it, so i'm guessing that's not really an option (i don't think my mom would be too happy about me boiling my menstrual cup in the same pots she makes soup in anyhow...).  it suggests that you purchase the Lunette liquid wash, but i'm really not interested in it considering it's a dollar an ounce...hahaha! i would be ok with purchasing the wash if i knew you NEEDED it. i haven't heard of many people actually purchasing the wash specifically for cups...but then again i don't know anyone personally who has a cup (besides the ladies i recommended it to, and they ask ME questions, they don't answer mine!). Lunette says that' it's ok to sterilize their cups with rubbing alcohol, but i just really don't want to put something so harsh on something that will go inside of me in a really sensitive area...i don't think rubbing alcohol and my vagina mix...

i have been using the Dr. Bronner's pure castile soap (the unscented baby kind) until today i decided to use my unscented glycerin soap bar to wash my cup since it doesn't work to prevent acne on my face (which is the reason i bought it). is it ok to use a glycerin or castile soap? because i know that oil will break down the silicone, but i figure that since i'm rinsing it right off it's ok...? 

the last thing i wanted to know is if it's ok to just use soap and water to wash your cup. i feel ok with it, i don't feel like there's a lot of bacteria on it anyway...since it's just going in my OWN vagina, which is very clean anyway and it's not like anyone else is using it. i'm comfortable just washing it with soap and water, but should i be doing something else to sterilize it?

thanks you guys! :D
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