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New Diva Cup User

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This is my first time posting anything on here and I just want to say I love that fact that women can come on here and share experiences and get advice. Well im definatly looking for some advice from Diva Cup users!!! I am 22 years old and have been having problems using tampons due to the fact my periods are soooo iregular. Taking them out is really uncomforable half the time bc my flow is very light half of the time. I hate pads so thats why I decided on a menstrual cup. I do live at home so getting a Diva Cup was my only option bc I didnt want something sent here. I read on here it is one of the larger cups and that made me really nervous (sry to get tmi here) bc Im very small down there. I am not a virgin but sex is sometimes uncomfortable due to my smaller size. I got my cup home and the first time I tried it was a horrible experienve, but Im trying not to let it discourage me from using it. Getting it im took lots of waterbased lubricant and when I got I out it was extremly painful. I have successfully got it in and out since then, but when it is in I (sry to be tmi again) feel very full inside and it doesnt hurt but its uncomfortable. I read that I can practice using it and I think that would help but this is where I need advice. Ik my body isnt use to it and leaving it in might help....but how long can I leave it in??? Can I also practice sleeping with it in?? Hopefully I get some advice!

- Brit -
Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems

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