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Good Cups but Bad Business Decisions?

Edited to delete a bad analogy.

If you look at the name chart at http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ you'll notice that the new cups that have just just hit the market duplicate three of the four most popular sizes of the most popular cups.  Staying with the 12 short and narrow cups, there are 8 unique sizes.  Two of them are in triplicate.  Do we really need that many of "the same" cups?

Looking at the 6 long and narrow cups, only 2 of them are readily available internationally.  Wouldn't the new cup companies' efforts have been better aimed at attracting those who would like long cups rather than competing with so many others?  I wonder how many looked at the 40x56 small MissCup wishing it were available beyond Brazil.  I wonder how many have wished the 41x54 Keeper/US Moon Cup were a more user-friendly shape and higher capacity.  The long/narrow market seems untapped.

Similarly, there are 14 (9 unique) choices for long and wide but only 5 (3 unique) short and wide for those who may have some minor age- or child-related prolapse.  Or who might want a short/wide low-capacity cup for light days or discharge.

In this case, imitation is not the most sincere form of flattery.  And in some cases, there are size niches to be filled so producing "yet more of the same" hurts their business models.

Continuing on the imitation theme, MiaLuna sounds too much like MeLuna and MiaCup.  Strictly from a "don't confuse the customers" standpoint, what were they thinking?

What are your thoughts on their sizing decisions?

Personally, I'd like to see a super-short wide cup like the teeny small MeLuna but offered in a wide size.  46x40-ish.  With a little thought to the shape and the stem, I think it could compete with the Instead for period-sex.  And I'd like to see some long narrow cups become available for younger users who fear having to "dig deep" for removal.

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