neek_love (neek_love) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Why I don't miss disposables....

I had an IUD inserted a month ago and I'm not comfortable using my lunette again until I know it's settled in. I was using pads for my fairly constant bleeding, but eventually got sick of using an external products and went back to tampons. So I put a regular tampon in, do housework for a couple of hours then sit down on the couch to play some xbox in my PJs. Then I sneeze.
And I feel the contents of my tampon gush out through my underwear, pyjama bottoms and onto the couch. I jumped up like I'd been burned and ran to the bathroom >.< It was my boyfriend's couch so I scrubbed like mad and the mark came out (thank god), but it was just so annoying! I didn't realise how crappy tampons were until I had to go back onto them after being a Cupper for a while. I MISS YOU LUNETTE.
Tags: iud, lunette, tampons

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