Serpent (serpent_849) wrote in menstrual_cups,

"Which is the best cup?"

To celebrate my hitting the 24h mark... ok not really :)
So, do you think some cups are better than others? Let's not take into account the safety concerns some people have about cups like green donna or mpower. (i honestly believe there are none)
I used to think the Lunette is the best cup, with two options one of which should really fit many people, with different stiffness too. I love everything Finnish and this makes me biased too:D Anyway, ironically it's not the best choice even for myself. I always mention this whenever someone says the lunette is the best cup out there and works for everyone:)
I guess it's just my favourite cup company, with cool conceptual cup names, slogans, good instructions on choosing the size etc etc etc. Does anyone else have a favourite cup COMPANY? especially different from the cups that actually work best for you? :)

I also feel like I'm a weirdo, as in general the cups that work for me make me wonder who else actually NEEDS them when there are "better" options. namely, when I realized I need the width to fit my cervix /which is VERY low/ and I wanted a soft cup (there were no soft melunas yet), i got a large ladycup that i wore inside out. half a year later i finally got a medium glittery meluna. however, i tend to NOT recommend them, as there are cups with similar dimensions and higher capacities, and if you do go for the medium meluna's width you can go for so many cups that i'm kinda puzzled anyone who's not in my situation uses it :D (and if you go for the small there are many other narrow cups which are not so damn TINY)
Also, i've never heard anyone say the ladycup is easy to remove for them, especially compared to other cups. Of course, if it's the only problem or it really happens to be someone's goldilocks cup, it's understandable, but I can't help wondering whether these brands are really so popular because of the price and colours and, in meluna's case, the variety of options and the chance to get a free cup.
And then also the mooncup - uncomfortable rim, low capacity, writing inside the cup... isn't it just easy to get and well-known because it's been around so long?

Yeah, I'm mostly "attacking" low capacity cups. Also because even if you don't need much capacity, if your cervix sits in the cup you may find you have too little space left.

Basically, do we mean it when we say no cups are better than the others? Aren't some cups/brands better by default, unless someone has "special needs"?

I'm really, really not trying to put anyone off, though. But, just as I would say if you made a post about considering one of these cups - if you're really sure it's the best choice for you, go for it, but there might be some better options.
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