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squatting? inserting? lube? huh?

 Hey so basically i have no other source to get answers, i have sent a personal message to menstrualcupinfo, and i decided to post on here to see if i can get some valuable responses, i'm counting on you menstrual cup enthusiasts to think back to the time when you first were trying to get the hang of your cup! 

i've had my cup for about 2-ish weeks, more or less; and i haven't gotten anywhere with it really. hopefully you can handle this...i'm going to have to share some TMI stuff because that's the only way i can make it easier for you to understand....

a few days ago (i was not on my period) i actually did get it in all the way, but when it popped open it was REALLY uncomfortable and just a little bit painful for just a second, then it didn't hurt at all, in fact, i couldn't even feel it! i wore it for an hour or two just around my house to get used to it, but it was honestly like it wasn't even there! so then i went to remove it a while later and that was a different was so suctioned that pulling on the stem didn't even make it budge. so i just bore down with my muscles and pinched the bottom as much as i could to break the seal. finally i got it where i could wiggle it down from side to side, but when i got the rim right to the opening of my vagina, it was stretching it so hard it HURT! so i just quickly pulled out one edge of the rim and eased the other side out. needless to say removal and insertion were actually pretty painful, but wearing it was just fine.

that was the first and only time i have been able to really fully insert it and wear it. now that i am on my period, i decided to try it out because it's supposed to be easier to insert while on your period. it was not easier, i was getting it in still not very far...i've been on my period for like 2 days and i've tried inserting it both days and it was a failed attempt both times.
then today i finally decided to try inserting it while in a squatting position. i have tried this before but it really didn't feel good because i was doing it wrong. i tried it with my favorite fold, the triangle fold, and it slipped right in! i didn't let it pop up though, because i was really afraid...can it pop up while you are in a squatting position or will it hurt a lot? because i tried inserting it almost all of the way while squatting, then slowly standing up, but the change in position made it hurt so bad i just pulled it out really fast. is it ok for it to pop open while you are squatting? maybe it's a dumb question but i just felt like when i was squatting there isn't a lot of room for it to pop up and i feel like it would HURT! i just kind of want some advice or reassurance that it will feel the same when it pops open when squatting as it would when it pops open while standing... it just goes in so much easier initially!

anyone who inserts their cup while squatting or has tried???!!

1. is it normal to take more than 2 weeks to get used to a cup? i'm a virgin and i'm only 14, and i've never used a tampon so...
2. is it ok if removal and insertion are a little bit painful for just a little bit? how much is too much pain? 
3. is it better/safe to insert the cup while squatting? in other words, will there be enough room for it to pop open if i insert it in a squatting position? 
4. if the cup has popped open when i was in a standing position, is there enough room for the cup to safely pop open while squatting, with at least LIMITED pain? 
5. if you have correctly inserted the cup while in a squatting position (it popped open and formed a seal, and it's securely in place), then will it hurt when you stand up?
6. what's the most comfortable/easiest position to insert the cup in?
7. do you advise removing the cup in a squatting position? is there another, more comfortable/easier position for removal?
8. should i purchase some water-based lube to make it easier to ease the rim inside?

thank you so much, sorry this was so long!
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