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Ladycup, Mooncup, or Lunette?

Hey everybody :) I need help. I am 13, a virgin, very skinny, and I am thinking about getting a menstrual cup. See, the thing is, I have never used tampons and never plan to because they are bad for you. I can stick one finger into my vagina pretty comfortably. I am not really sure how low my cervix is during my period because i'm waiting for my period to be due this month. Hehe :) Anyways, I have a medium- heavy flow. I was really thinking about the Ladycup, but then i'm starting to like to Mooncup. I like the Lunette too, but i heard its pretty stiff. The mooncup is cheaper, and since i live in the us, it ships free. its like $30 if you buy it from the website, which i think is a great deal. the ladycup is around $35. And lunette is $30 plus shipping.  So please help me. What cup do you think would work for me? I also heard that dyes in the cup (cup colors) are not great for you.

Thanks so much for all of your help. :) Also, if none of the cups mentioned might work for me, go ahead and mention one you think might. And I know every girl is different, but I need your advice <3 Thanks again!

And I checked the mooncup website, their Mcuk is the same as their mooncup uk, but the mcuk name is used for the USA since some other brand took the Mooncup name in the USA.
Tags: age, coloured lady cups, first time use, lady cup, lunette, mooncup (uk)
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