liljaneliberty (liljaneliberty) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Just cant figure it out.

Okay for the past two years now I have been looking for a menstrual cup.  to get rid of the pads cause I dont use tampons, not sense I was a teenager anyway.  I found as I got older I was so afraid of the shock syndrome and the fact that I had a hard time getting tampons in and out I just gave up on them all together.  I'm 24 now 25 this November, no kids, and virgin and I have been wanting a menstrual cup for so long.  Every time a cycle starts I contently look at what might be the good buy for me and yet I just can not find the right one.  I keep looking at the Divacup but I just dont know if its right for me.

My new cycle has started today of all things and I have finally decided enough is enough I'm going to get a cup even if it kills me.  so now I just need overall help I looked all over the net for my questions but I could not find the right answer for my specific problem.  So here comes the question okay so I know a good way to find the right size is to measure where your cervix is I've done that this morning but I can not reach it.  So does this mean I need a large cup?

Now that I think about it though I don't know if I touched it or not. I would have thought the cervix would be obvious but now I'm not so sure, I feel ashamed that I know so little about my own body especially at this age.
Tags: buying decisions
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