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Recieved my small cynthia! But...

I ordered a small lunette cynthia exactly a week ago from and it arrived last tuesday. I have to say I was quite surprised and impressed that it only took a week for it to arrive here in malaysia from england. Usually it would take at least 2 weeks! Very fast shipping! :D

Coincidentally, my period came the day I rcieved the cup. I was happy, I thought i could ditch those uncomfortable, bulky pads this month and use the lunette. So I boiled the cup and went in the toilet with my cynthia with that sparkly smile on my face. Unfornately, I COULDN'T EVEN GET IT INSIDE OF ME! I could only get about a few centimeters and it wouldn't get inside of me! It hurts so much! I know I was aiming in the right direction. I kept pushing it in but it won't go in and gave me pain! So i rested and tried again several times later at night and still. This is frustrating! I feel like I just wasted $30 freakin dollars! Very disappointing! I tried every position, from squatting, to sitting and standing with one leg up. None of them works! I was sure I was relaxed enough. I've used tampons before, I could get them in but they always slide down and leak on me. 

I already inserted my finger to feel where my cervix is all that. I just couldn't get it in! It's frustrating! I really need the cup to work! Pads give me rashes and tampons never work! Please helppp I feel like giving up already :'(

I'm 17 turning 18 on october and I'm virgin. I'm 5 ft if that matters, I don't think it does anyway. 

Help me, I've tried everything.
Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, virginity

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