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Lunette leaking: too small?

I have looked around and have followed the advice found in similar posts. Still no success.
I got my lunette, post-baby size, the last day of my period in June. It was the first cycle since birth. No problems with it then although it was just spotting. This month...oh boy. Started yesterday afternoon. Popped it in and t leaked just a few drops. Emptied it before bed around 2am. Woke up this morning around 10 and when I sat down on the toilet it poured everywhere before I touched it. Cleaned up and folded it in half to pop it back in pretty high. No go still leaking. Out, cleaned, back in lower. Leaks. Research trying again attempting to angle it a bit. Leaks. Out, clean, in low and kegel it up. Leaks. Out, clean, in with 7-fold, low, angle and kegel up. Results tbd. It's only 4:22pm. Observations: fluid collected in cup each time, moves easily now compared to last month, cervix is approx. 3 inches up on a low day (whole forefinger+), vagina engulfs cup after a few minutes it is very hard to find and the angle is different, seems to be a lot room when inserting and checking seal, more cramps than pre-baby (only 2nd cycle and it's 4wks late if that means anything), regular tampons always have a wet area and a dry area even when they leak, my kid was huge (90th percentile for weight and head), my hubby says (when asked how the cup was gonna fit up there) that it's like a cavern.
So should I just keep trying to tilt it and stuff or is it too small?
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