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DivaCup vs Fleurcup?

Hello everyone!

Despite the cramps that I posted about, I think I'm having an okay experience with my large DivaCup so far. But today it leaked after just 7 hours of usage and it's not even my heaviest day, frankly I expected it to last longer. (Before finding this comm I naively thought that I only had to empty the cup twice a day and that was a big selling point for me.)

When I took the cup out after falling asleep for 7 hours (no doubt I had spilled some in the progress of removing the cup), there was about 0.5 oz (~14.7 ml) of fluid in it, and because I know my cervix sits in the cup and that the cup was fully open, I believe the cup leaked because it was filled to the holes.

So I went consulting the size chart looking for a cup that has a bigger capacity than the Diva, and the Fleurcup seem to be a pretty good choice in terms of capacity and size, not to mention that they have a good sale going on right now with 2 large cups for 19.99 pounds (USD28.99)!

I'm happy with the DivaCup's size once I turned it inside out. But I suspect the Fleurcup *might* fit even better since it's shorter than the Diva without the stem. What other major differences are there between a DivaCup and Fleurcup? Do you think the (little) extra capacity will be worth it? Or is there another cup with an even higher capacity?

ps. For what is worth, my flow rate varies from cycle to cycle (mostly have to do with my mental well-being, I think. As in if I'm stressed or relaxed during the time.) But on the worst days I'm #6 according to this list. Even on my best cycles I'm #5 for a day or two. I realize many people have much heavier flow that I do, but I'm tagging this with "heavy blood flow" anyway because it's more than I'm willing to bleed! LOL

Thank you!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, fleurcup, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting

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