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Lunette Selene size 2 is leaking :(

Hello, everyone! 
I am new to this community and hope I will not offend anyone by accidentally repeating the question. I tried to read through as much as I could about the leaks but it seems that my situation has not been covered yet. Otherwise, I do apologize :)  
So, here what is happening. I just purchased my Lunette Selene size 2 mooncup. I am 29, sexually active, haven't been pregnant yet. Normally I get very heavy flow - on my second day of period I go through one Night Maxi Always pad an hour! The Super Plus Tampax doesn't last more that an hour as well. 
Yesterday I tried to use the cup for the first time. It was relatively easy to insert, but the problems started right the minute I came out of the bathroom. I had a tiny leak. That was a total surprise for me as I had thought that the cup was supposed to be blocking the flow completely.
So I had to put a pad "just in case". And I am glad I did. An hour into having the cup inside of me, I distinctively felt that it was over-pouring! I rushed to the nearest restroom to check, and yes, it was leaking indeed! During the day I took it out and put it back in maybe 7-10 times, with each run trying to move it around, and check if it was properly positioned and sealed. The result was the same - leakage! 
The major problems started today, as the second day of my period is when I am getting the heaviest flow. Long story short - I had to empty the cup every 30-40 minutes, with amount of the fluids being about 1/4 of its' capacity. If I waited longer, things were getting way too messy. Also by the end of 30-40 minutes stretch when I was taking the cup out, it always would be sitting at the very bottom of vagina. Though I had put it as deep as I could reach. Regarding the taking out part - I didn't have any problems here, I just needed to push it down with vagina muscles and the bottom of the cup would almost immediately pop out. So, all I had to do is to grab it, rock a bit, and it would easily come out with a little "unsucking" sound. Basically the feeling was as if when certain amount of blood got accumulated inside the cup, it would get too heavy and slide down lubricated by blood that somehow got between the cup's sides and vagina walls. 
Needless to say, when you count on something to be a complete life-saver (this is how I had thought regarding the menstrual cup before I tried it) and it turns out to be something even worse than tampons, it's not the nicest feeling ever. 
So, what what should I do? what are my best options? I was reading about others cup users' experiences, and I really hope to get some feedback with my problem. Should I just forget about this cup, and maybe purchase another brand that will last closer to "up to 12 hours"?
Thank you all for any help. I really hope I can work it out. I feel that it could be great way to deal with periods, I just need to figure out what is my problem here, and what I am doing wrong! 
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