fyrejenn (fyrejenn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I'm impressed with the Yuuki size 2

I recently acquired a size 2 Yuuki from an awesome cupper here at LJ, and have been using it all day today. I'm really liking it:

1) It's easy to insert
2) It opens easily for me (I was surprised at how squishy it was, and was afraid I would have issues getting it to open fully)
3) It comes out easily
4) It's easy easy easy to clean
5) It is very comfortable, despite being a rather large and long cup (I think my cervix must be average to high)
6) It contains everything very well - great capacity, no seeming seal breakage. I went about 8 hours today before emptying (this is a heavy day), and it was almost half full.
7) Somehow, it smells like candy.

I seem to remember someone else posting that the manufacturer recently changed the stiffness of the cups, so I'm assuming that the one I have now is from before the change.
It might knock my Lunette down from its #1 ranking of favorite cups   :)
Tags: success stories, yuuki

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