ohletmetelu (ohletmetelu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Learning Curve w/ the Yuuki Cup (small)

This is my first cycle using my first cup (small Yuuki) and I have a few questions that I'm hoping will speed up the learning curve...

My method:
I use the punch-down fold to get the cup just past my pubic bone (pretty low) then I open it, check seal (swirling finger around cup) and try to move it up as much as I can with a few kegels. I end up not getting it in very far (stem sticks out a bit) but then throughout the day it makes itself deep inside me. Removal has been difficult because it ends up so far up into me that I have to "fish" for it, and pull (ouch!) till I can get a hold of a side to pinch in order to break the seal.

I have leaked a few times (with cup not even 1/4 full) so I was hoping finding the position of my cervix would help but it seems to be waaaay up there. I can feel a soft squishy spot about 2 inches in, which I have always thought was my g-spot, but I don't feel anything that feels like the "tip of a nose." Any tricks to help find my cervix so I make sure the cup is like this (O) around it?  Or does it not matter cause I can just assume my cervix is high?

I also feel a bit of pressure against my bladder. Is there any way to help this?

I appreciate any input (different fold to get cup in deeper from beginning, easier removal without feeling like my cervix is being suctioned out, tricks to find cervix, a recommendation for an other cup, etc).

Thank you!!!
Tags: first time use, insertion - folding methods, leakage & spotting, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, yuuki
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