Dina Clare (lintilla) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Dina Clare

Mod Post: Anti-Troll Measures

Hi everyone!

As many of you have noted, we've been having a bit of a troll infestation on menstrual_cups. As a result, we've decided to put the community on moderated posting. This means that all posts will have to be approved by me, scien or tisiphone before they'll go up on the main site.

Some criteria we will be using include:

  • Posts must follow the rules found here.

  • Posts must not be duplicates of ones that have been put on this community before.

There are other criteria we will be using too, but we don't want to show our whole hand in case it is abused.

If we reject one of your posts, we will tell you why. We hope that we don't get too many legitimate posts caught in moderation, but we apologize in advance for the ones that inevitably will be. We also apologize that some of your posts may be stuck in the queue for a while - after all, we are all people with actual lives outside of moderating menstrual_cups, believe it or not!

This shall be a temporary measure, hopefully very temporary. ;)

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know here or on the open post in mc_moderators. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Edited to add: I've also banned a couple of suspected users. If you find you have been banned in error, please send an email to menstrual_cups at livejournal.com or post on the open post in mc_moderators.
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