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Please help! First time, DivaCup and cramps

Hello everyone!

This is my first cycle using a DivaCup (or any cup for that matter), and after a lot of irritation and frustrations I finally got it to pop open (I think), no thanks to Lunapads' Customer Service, who simply copy/paste their instructions and FAQs when I asked them for help after failing to get the cup to rotate or pop open, like I haven't already read them 20 times prior to emailing them. My vagina and I were so irritated after reading their email that I felt like throwing the cup at the opposite wall.

But, thanks to you guys, who have posted a lot of helpful and useful information to this awesome community, I'm finally able to get it to work, yay!

I won't know if it leaks or not until later tonight, but I'm facing a more urgent problem right now because I started getting cramps 1.5 hours or so after inserting the cup, and I know for a fact that the cramps are due to the cup, not my period, because I don't normally get them until my flow is a lot heavier.

I usually take pain killers when my cramps get almost unbearable like they are right now, but I know that pain is my body's way of telling me something is wrong, and I don't like not being able to tell if things are getting worse, so I haven't taken the pain killers yet even though it's been 3 hours since the cup is in and my lower belly feels like an oven. That is in pain.

I *think* the cup is positioned correctly, since I can't really feel it when I walk and move around, and I slipped a finger in and the base didn't feel dented or flat.

So I guess my question is: should I leave the cup in and hope that my body will get used to it? Or should I take it out and try again tomorrow or next cycle?

I'm over 30 and have given child birth so I'm using a DivaCup size 2, and I've been using tampons for over 10 years, if it helps.

Thank you!
Tags: cramps, divacup, first time use
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