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Insteads - leaking issues. It won't stay put!

Hello, lovelies!

I'm still planning to buy a reusable cup sometime in the near future, but I happened across some Insteads at CVS and decided to give them a try in the meantime.

When they're working, they're AWESOME and I really love 'em. I just can't seem to keep them working - to the point where I'm having to wear a pad anyway because I can't be sure they won't leak.

Each time I put the cup in, it works just fine for a while - a few hours, give or take. But then eventually, all of a sudden I can feel it. Somehow it's slipping out of place, so of course when the near end of the rim gets too close to the opening I can feel it, and it's obviously not terribly comfortable. The first few times this happened it was accompanied by leaks. Eventually it seemed like it wasn't leaking anymore, but that may just be because my flow was getting lighter and the cup wasn't as full. But even if it doesn't leak, this isn't really going to work out if I have to find a bathroom every couple hours and reinsert the cup (or at least try to shove it further back without actually taking it out).

It also seems as if each time I put it in, it slips out of place more quickly. I haven't worn it overnight yet, and I wasn't wearing it to work, so basically each day I was wearing it for part of the day and then there was a long gap in which I wasn't wearing it. And the first try each day seemed to last longer than the successive tries. I'd put it in and it'd be fine for several hours, then suddenly slip out of place. And then I'd put it back in, and within an hour it'd be out of place again.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I suppose it's not a huge problem because I'm still planning to get a reusable cup regardless, and hopefully I won't have these issues with that. But it would still be awesome if I could use the insteads, like maybe for potential sexytimes (although now that I've tried the insteads I'm having a hard time imagining that working!).

I know a lot of people have had problems with insteads so it might just be that they're not gonna work for me, but I thought I'd see if anyone has any suggestions. I was pretty amazed at how easy it was to insert and remove, and how well it works when it IS working. If it could just manage to stay put for longer it'd be awesome!

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions you might have!
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