inspireradiance (inspireradiance) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I need some serious Help

Hi everyone,
Ok I need some serious help.  I keep buying menstrual cups and keep looking at them online to see which one I want next.  I have a large Keeper, Mooncup UK, Four Meluna two medium and two large and a small Yukki.  OMG I just got the Yukki and I really don't like it.  I put it in and took it right out!  That cup is so hard and firm it is totally not comfortable.  And the sad part is I have two more Yukki's on the way one of which is sold the large one.  I don't understand why I keep buying I guess because I want another cup that is a cross in softness between my Keeper cup and Mooncup UK the new one, but has a higher capacity.  I keep looking at the size charts.  I was thinking of the Fluer cup or the Diva.  I am worried about the Diva that it may be two long.  I am average in length.  One of my large Meluna's I can't wear it is a tad bit to long and sticks out just a little so really the Diva may not be a good choice.  What do you ya'll think?  I love the new Mooncup UK but because it is so soft it tends to leak as it doesn't have the best seal like my Keeper cup or Medium Meluna.  But dang I love how comfy that Mooncup Uk is, it is like butter.  Any ideas or advice would be appreciated in regards to which cup i should go for and how you all deal with your love of menstrual cups.

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