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So I've been feeling pretty horrible these past few days. It was my first cycle using cups, and it was going fine and I was loving it, until the day before yesterday. I had went to the ortho and got my braces tightened a lot, which hurt my tooth (one tooth and the surrounding two teeth). I had surgery done a year ago to my tooth to make it come out, so the bracket was placed on it while it was only like,one fourth out, so when the ortho was putting a bracket on it, it bled because he missed. It hurt a lot. I had extreme toothache and eye pains that night. When i woke up, my tooth wasn't hurting anymore, but i had a huge headache. I started to feel like I wanted to throw up a little bit, and I feel very fatigue and a little dizzy. Then I realized that i wore my cup for more than 24 hours without emptying and cleaning! I know it's pretty stupid to relate this to the menstrual cup and tss because I only a few symptoms of tss, and I did go to the ortho, who caused bleeding and pain in my gum, but like the symptoms seem closer to tss than symptoms of braces tightening!

Can it be TSS? I don't have money to see a health care professional :( and the symptoms are not very severe. sorry to scare you, but i'm really scared and paranoid, and i just want to make sure. thanks for your time. I know this is pretty stupid. I mean like you can't even see me, so how can you know if i have TSS? but i just want your opinion...  thanks
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