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I'm back, again! More help. <:

 Hey guys! I posted here a while back when I got my first menstrual cup, which was a small Diva.
Long story short, it proved to be a very wrong match with a few dry runs, being that it's a very long cup and I apparently do not have a very high cervix, despite not being able to reach it myself.
(Speaking of which, if anyone is looking to buy a small Diva, I'm willing to sell mine for $20, which is about half what I paid. I posted this on mc_sales but received no replies... >.<)

So, I went against the majority of the advice here and bought myself another menstrual cup -- a regular, medium Meluna. I'm MUCH happier with this cup!
I've had a lot more success with this cup, as I've been able to get it completely inside me, but I have an issue with trying to open it.
I am unable to insert using the C and Pushdown folds, can insert (painfully) half the time with the 7 and Labia folds, can't even fold the Origami with the really short Meluna, and can insert every time with a fold I've never seen online, which I call the Rosebud.
Any time I actually get the cup inside, I can't get it to unfold and form a seal. I try twisting it around, or pinching the end, and it just pops into the C fold and gets stuck. I get up and walk around, go about my day, and it never opens completely. When I try to get air into the canal like I've heard helps, to see if it "inflates", it still just end up being pushing it into the C-fold, or it will open at the bottom and have one side caved into the cup itself, making a seal impossible. When I try twisting at that point, the cup folds up even more and begins to twist out of me. ):
Has anyone had this issue before...?

I'm kind of confused, just because the Meluna is so stiff, and therefore should be much easier to open... right?

I'm going off to college the cycle after the one I'm currently one, and am not looking forward to having to buy pads while I'm there, mainly because I will not be allowed to take my car and can only buy things from the on-campus store... which stocks pads that appear to be no more than glorified panty liners and tampons. ):
Tags: insertion - folding methods, meluna, popping open, teething troubles
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